At Gulf foundation Group, we believe that in our demanding line of business, one simply cannot do the job without the proper tools, equipment and machinery. Our equipment specialized for foundations are purchased from leading European and Japanese foundation equipment manufacturers. The equipment are tested and certified by the certification body accredited by JAFZA, TECOM and Dubai Municipality.

What’s more, our aspiration has never been just to do the job; but do it in a safe, cost effective, timely manner that always meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Hence, we spare no effort or resources to accumulate one of the most impressive fleets of modern machinery and support equipment in the region. These machines are operated and maintained by a well-trained group of operators and maintenance team that get the most out of them whilst keeping them very reliable in the field.

Today, we are proud to own this full range of machinery and support equipment, which gives us great advantage over our competitors and facilitates our sound performance. With ample quantities in addition to excellent quality, we have always been able to utilized stand by or back up equipment when and if needed to meet schedules.

Clearly realizing how vital this machinery is for our continued success, we never hesitate to acquire new equipment and are constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies. This is a vital part of our vision for the future.

One of the best reasons for our continued  progress and success is our inventory:

We use only top-of-line products from manufacturers such as Bauer, CMV, Sany, Boramtec, Casagrande, Trive, Hitachi, Samsung, Sumitomo and Kobelco.