Conformance is the measure of quality; hence quality requirements should be clear and verifiable so that they are easily understood by all parties. GFG puts into practice an effective quality control system implemented by qualified engineers to observe, monitor, verify and inspect all definable features of work on a project in order to assure conformance.

Quality and Inspection and Testing Plans are developed specifically for each project to encompass all project quality assurance requirements. Experienced test technicians are directly involved in all testing operations, while an alert team of quality control engineers observe and ensure that all test setups, piling operations and activities comply with project requirements. Comprehensive piling records are punctually completed, reviewed for accuracy and filed by the quality assurance department.

According to project requirements, various tests, measurements and inspections are conducted to ensure the integrity and reliability of the constructed piles. Material tests are performed on concrete, its constituents and on steel to be used for the fabrication of the reinforcement cages. All finished piles are inspected for verticality
and location and tested for integrity. A percentage of all other piles are subjected to other types of testing as required.

Gulf Foundation Group performs all static load tests and inspections in witness of the consultant representative and the expert assistance of a third party when and if required. A qualified, certified and approved third party performs all other material and pile tests.